Request Services

Currently, our program is full and we are not taking service requests at this time. This page will be kept updated as to when we will be taking service requests.

Because we provide long-term therapy to children it is not predictable when we will have space available and we do not want families to wait longer than necessary to seek services for their child. For a list of therapists in our area, please see Psychology Today.

It is helpful to know the following when wondering if Jumping Mouse will be able to serve your child:

Jumping Mouse helps children in East Jefferson County heal through expressive mental health therapy. We are a nonprofit organization supported by our partners within the community and the donated services of our volunteer therapists. No child is turned away because of a family’s ability to pay for services.

We serve children ages 2 to 12 who are Jefferson County residents. Due to funding constraints we do not currently serve children outside of Jefferson County. Whether or not we see a child when we have space depends on the fit of our model to that child’s particular needs and whether or not we have a therapist available who is qualified to meet that child’s therapeutic needs.