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    Thank you for pursuing your interest in Jumping Mouse Children's Center. We offer 12-month internship and externship placements. The development of trust in the therapeutic relationship necessitates this one-year commitment.


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    Please upload your resume and cover letter below. In your letter, identify how your experience and goals are a good fit for the Jumping Mouse training program. Also in your letter, please answer the following questions:

    1. Share a personal experience that relates to your own intentionality in working with children. You might include experiences that have offered you insight into play, staying with your own creative self, etc.

    2. What do you feel you will bring to Jumping Mouse Children's Center?

    3. Jumping Mouse Children's Center transforms children’s lives by providing expressive mental health therapy for as long as necessary. We nurture each child’s healthy development and supportive relationships at home and in the community. What thoughts does this mission statement generate?

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