Located in Port Townsend, Washington, in a rural area on the Olympic Peninsula, Jumping Mouse Children’s Center was founded by therapist Dott Kelly in 1999. Recognizing the need for children’s mental health services in our remote community, Dott began Jumping Mouse in her home office, with one other therapist. She named this new children’s therapy center Jumping Mouse after a myth that symbolizes the courage and transformative work of children in therapy.

Today, Jumping Mouse remains the only organization on the Olympic Peninsula specializing in long-term, in-depth children’s mental health services.

Steady and strategic growth to meet ever-increasing demand

Since moving to our current location in 2005, adjacent to Head Start and the Port Townsend elementary school, we have increased our services to children and families by over 300%, from treating 20 children in 2004 to treating more than 100 children annually. We have grown from a staff of two to fourteen, expanded our board, and improved our infrastructure and administrative systems.

Serving children and parents

In 2010, while sustaining our child-centered approach, we intensified our work with parents in response to increasingly complex challenges faced by Jumping Mouse families. We expanded our services to offer weekly counseling and education and parent groups through our Securing Connections parenting program.

Providing essential child therapy services

Since our beginning, Jumping Mouse has fulfilled a vital need for training in children’s therapy in our region. Our unique model of therapy draws volunteer interns and externs from across the Puget Sound region, half of whom choose to stay an additional year beyond their one-year requirement. These unpaid therapists are integral to our program, and they continue to expand our reach to children beyond our community.