Family support

While their child is in therapy at Jumping Mouse, parents and caregivers also receive ongoing support. In addition, we meet with teachers and other important adults in the child’s life to develop a strong support system for the child and their family.

For parents who need greater support, we have a therapist on staff to help coordinate resources and offer our Securing Connections parenting program:

Securing Connections parenting program

This parenting program is offered to parents and caregivers with children at Jumping Mouse. Parenting is challenging and can be particularly difficult when a family is under stress. A history of trauma, divorce, death, job loss and other stressors can feel overwhelming when trying to raise a healthy family. In Securing Connections, parents meet weekly with our parent clinician(s) to build the resources they need as a parent. Parents and caregivers learn how they manage their own stress while understanding and meeting the needs of their children. With new skills, understanding, and confidence, they strengthen their relationship with their children.

 “This process changed my life. It allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities as a parent, and see where the boundaries should be set and how to set them for [my child’s] best interests.”
– parent participant in Securing Connections