Educator and school staff support

Jumping Mouse therapists have always met and consulted with our children’s teachers to help them understand the child’s needs. We serve as a resource on the impact of trauma in child development, and we offer problem-solving tools for teachers on an ongoing basis. In 2018, we expanded our work with the schools, offering support groups to educators and school staff in the Brinnon School District. In a small group format facilitated by a Jumping Mouse therapist, teachers and staff share ideas for supporting students and families affected by trauma, discuss barriers to implementing supports, and build compassion for themselves, their students, and students’ families.

Beginning in the 2019–20 school year, Jumping Mouse will be further expanding this program, offering these support groups to teachers and school staff at Chimacum Creek Primary School and Chimacum Elementary School. We look forward to working together for a safe and compassionate school environment where all children can thrive.

 “Jumping Mouse bridges the gap in a caring way between the community, family, and schools. Their impact is multidimensional and on all levels.”
– teacher