Clinical Supervisor and Therapist

Update: We would like to hear from licensed therapists who are interested in becoming certified clinical supervisors, and will provide full support and training for the certification process for the right candidate. Thank you!

Position title:  Clinical Supervisor and Therapist

Hours: 26 hours/week

Salary: Non-exempt position. $32,500 – 35,500 annually, depending on experience

Location: Port Townsend, WA

Application deadline: July 31

The Clinical Supervisor and Therapist is responsible for 1) providing clinical supervision to Jumping Mouse master’s-level interns and externs; 2) providing therapeutic play therapy with children ages 2 ½ through twelve; 3) advocating for these children in their environments (school, doctor, etc.); and 4) consulting with parents/caregivers on a monthly basis regarding parent skills and needs.

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Clinic Director

Position title:  Clinic Director

Hours: 20 hours/week

Salary: Non-exempt position. $25,200 annually

Location: Port Townsend, WA

Application deadline: July 31

The Clinic Director is responsible for 1) developing, planning, and implementing strategies for our program continuation and growth; 2) managing and administering Jumping Mouse’s professional training program in relationship with educational institutions; and 3) providing leadership in the field through coordination, collaboration, and community building with partner agencies and regional social service providers.

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To apply for these positions:

Email cover letter and résumé to Jenny Manza at

In your cover letter, please answer the following questions:

  1. Share a personal experience that relates to your own intentionality in working with children. You might include experiences that have offered you insight into play, staying with your own creative self, etc.
  2. What do you feel you will bring to Jumping Mouse Children’s Center?
  3. Jumping Mouse Children’s Center transforms children’s lives by providing expressive mental health therapy for as long as necessary. We nurture each child’s healthy development and supportive relationships at home and in the community. What thoughts does this mission statement generate?